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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you begin the series in 1926?

A: The year 1926 ushered in the publication of AMAZING STORIES. It was the first serialized magazine to focus exclusively on stories of scientific fiction. In fact, at that point it was not even known as science fiction, but rather "scientifiction." Once the reading public got a taste of this exciting new type of magazine, there was no turning back.

Q: Will the series be published in physical form?

A: That will all depend upon the demand from readers, libraries, and other institutions. After the first few issues are released, we will try to test the waters with a physical copy of the magazine which would most likely appeal to the diehard collector.

Q: How often will FUTURES PAST be published?

A: Initially we will be releasing issues on a quarterly basis. We may at some point go to a bi-monthly, but not more frequent than that. I would prefer we do not operate under the pressures of time constraints but rather simply strive to produce the best and most comprehensive resource possible.

Q: What credentials do you possess that tell me you are the right person to be taking on this massive project?

A: First and most importantly, I have been obsessed with science fiction and have devoured it in all its forms ever since I can remember, which lets say covers about 50 years. I have two masters degrees, the most recent being a Masters of Library Sciences from Indiana University in Bloomington. I am a formally trained archivist and have applied that knowledge and training to organize a personal library of nearly 2,000 sf reference books, 3,000 magazines and journals, and a multitude of databases and indexes which I have been building upon for the better part of the last decade. FUTURES PAST is not simply a publishing business. It is a labor of love for a genre and a group of people who have given me so much joy throughout my life and now I am taking the opportunity to pay that back in my own way.

Q: So what can I do to help make FUTURES PAST more successful?

1.GET THE WORD OUT! Tell everyone you know about what we are doing. Put us on your Facebook page, talk about us at your next book club meeting, write about FP on your blog.

2. Give us your constructive criticism. What are we doing wrong/right? What can we do to improve the format and content of FP? What topics do you want to read more about?

3. Send us digitized copies of any photos, articles, etc. and/or any information you think may be of value in coming issues of FP. Beside the magazine, we are also in the process of creating a digital repository for archival items such as convention materials, photos of or with famous sf personalities, oral histories, etc. The more participants we can get involved the more awesome this will get.